In order to provide the clients with top quality metal crafts and state of the art food service equipment, Uni-Fab utilizes these machineries
The Pega Series ( AMADA) The FBD Series ( AMADA)
The Pega Series punch presses from Amada feature an innovative bridge structural frame that maintains high precision.

The FBD Series is made for small capacities. This also produces consistent bending angles by the use of "fuzzy logic" to correct for variations caused by changes in hydraulic fluid temperature.

The LVD Strippit LVD Guillotine Shear
This LVD Strippit 1250 H/20 CNC Turret punch press has 20 stations and 3 auto index stations.

LVD Hydraulic Guillotine Shear Machine which is capable of shearing up to a maximum of 6mm. thickness in cold rolled steel or 3-4mm. thickness in stainless steel.

Trump Bend C60 Euromac
Cannon Injection Machine  
UNI-FAB also boasts of other machineries such as the Amada FBD II 1030 Hydraulic Press Brake which can bend a steel sheet with a maximum length of 3 meters, the Geka Ironworker Hydracrop 80/S which has a flat sheer capacity at 450mm. x 15mm. or 300mm. x 13mm.