UNI-FAB Metal Industries

Since being established last September 12, 1996, Uni-Fab Metal Industries, Inc., a precision sheet metal fabrication company, has provided its clients with reasonably priced yet highly accurate and precise metal shearing, bending and punching work plus the exemplary customer and delivery services.

The company takes pride in establishing partnership with its clients. They do things according to the customer's product specifications, as well as offering flexibility, reduced production cost and increased return investment to the client.

Through the years, Uni-Fab has proven that it has the management, experience, manpower resources, plant facilities, technical expertise and the flexibility to meet any project requirement. One proof would be its evolution into a "total kitchen" equipment producer, justifying the Uni-Fab advantage. The company has now channeled their specialization on supplying the food service equipment requirements of today's food service operations like fast food, restaurants, hotels, resorts and clubs, hospitals and in-flight kitchens. Quality, efficiency and reliability are the three things the group consider in assuring the most appropriate design for facilities required. The institution also offers extensive consultation and planning services. It has a handful of designers, engineers and technicians that can assure clients of the company's capability to meet their demands according to international standards.

Uni-Fab has proven to be able to bend through what changes time may dictate. It continues to be a formidable entity in the metal fabrication industry and a giant in the kitchen equipment business. Furthermore, its ultimate goal is to build a long-term partnership with its clients who want superior level of communication, cooperation and certification from their service provider.